Angels of Hell: Canto I, Part I

A City in Sin Burns
Las Vegas, bastion of lust; A-Day
Cars cruise down the glowing strip,
Bells, pings and whistles fill the air.
False idols croon ballads of luck and love
A facade to mask loneliness and despair.
The desert breeze wafts the drunken stench
Of those defeated; those full of greed.
Impetuous souls lacking will, nor remorse
Searching somewhere to bury their seed.
A trumpet blares far as Gabriel calls,
Followed by warning within the heavens,
And echoes through all of Eden’s ears,
“The sigil of the seventh seal hath broken.”
As fast, as furious those trumpets did sound,
So too, Hell’s portals blazoned city streets.
The crackle drew men like moth to flame
Depleting all sense for curious treats.
Time passes, seconds-to minutes-to hours.
Crowds swelling with the pious and proud,
Retching insults and blames in protest
To the quizzical fate they’ve found.
“Silence children, your answers’ll come,”
A voice bellows deep within the flame,
“Uplift the veil, your eyes doth cloud.
Look around. You are all to blame.”
Shadows stir within the swirling void.
Approaching with fury, the Horsemen ride.
Pestilence, Famine, War and Death.
Spurning the pleas of those horrified.
A view reflected from a burning pool
That Asmodeus embraced so giddily,
“These mortals suffer, simmer and soil.
Oh, how blissful ignorance can be!”


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