COVID-19 Pandemic

Born in Wuhan, China, December 2019
A deadly disease that ravages the world
Are you born out of the scientific experimental power
of biological warfare?
Have you birthed out the exploration of mankind?
Are you a natural disease occurring to mankind?
Nations are locked up by you
The contagious disease that shakes the world
Everyone becomes masquerades:
Kings and subjects
Presidents and citizens
Rich and poor
Old and young
Blacks and Whites
Great and small
The biggest masquerade festival that has ever
happened in the history of the world
No gender inequality before you
No racial discrimination
The common struggle
The common fight
Comity of nations
Humans’ palaver
Medical cares’ stress
Scientists’ research:
The Pfizer-BioTech
Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen
The Oxford
O God of Creation heal our world


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