My Grandmother

My love for you will never die,
Your love for me does make me cry.
You were so beautiful
You shine like stars,
There were no wrinkles
and no scars.
Your silky dress
Your spherical lense,
With no make-ups and no scents,
Looked after the family
with your fragrance.
I remember the stories of fairytales,
Of stars, of moon, of blue whales.
You bought me ice-cream,
You bought me frocks,
As it was fixed
Like the alarm of clocks.
I still remember the summer sleep
Your care for me was so deep.
You sat beside me, fought with mosquitoes
You kiss my head,
You touch my toes.
When the morning knocked the door
You taught me to wish,
You taught me to pray.
From time immemorial,
You gave me life, you made my day.
I remember the mid night hunger,
you shouted at others.
When I was done,
we cherish like lovers.
I remember how we used to play,
I am your real daughter
They always say.
I have no words for you to express
My emotions for you is still alive,
I discuss you,
I share with others,
you r my bestest Grandmother.


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