Chinese Poems

Coal’s Reply

Where do you live?

I live in ten thousand years of steep mountain
I live in ten thousand years of crag-rock

And your age?

My age is greater than the mountain’s
Greater than


A wall is like a knife
It slices a city in half
One half is on the east
The other half is on the west

How tall is this wall?

Snow Falling on China’s Land

Snow falling on China’s land,
Cold is blocking China…

Like a wailing old woman,
Closely following
The claws stretching with cold,
To clasp the clothes of passengers,
Endlessly prattling


One tree, another tree,
Each standing alone and erect.
The wind and air
Tell their distance apart.

But beneath the cover of earth
Their roots reach out
And at depths that


Dream’s friend
Illusion’s sister

Originally your shadow
Yet always in front of you

As formless as light
As restless as wind

Between you and her
She keeps her distance always

Like flying birds outside

I Love This Land

If I were a bird,
I would also use my coarse throat to sing:
This land stricken by storms,
These rivers forever torrential with our indignation,
This wind ceaselessly blowing

Fish Fossil

With such agility in your movements,
Such buoyancy in your strength,
You leapt in the foam
And swam in the sea.

Unfortunately, a volcano’s eruption
Or perhaps an earthquake
Cost you

Da Yanhe — My Wet Nurse

Da Yanhe, is my wet nurse.
Her name is the name of her village where she was born,
She is a childbride,
Da Yanhe, is my wet nurse.

I am a