Angels of Hell: Canto I, Part III

A Hero Wakes
Jason Carpenter; Terry Gonzales
A slap is heard across the room,
Jarring Jason to the world of living.
“Wake up pig! Your execution’s stayed.”
Terry shouts through his misgiving.
Terry screams, and rants, and raves
Sounds of nonsense; demons and fire.
Lunatic squeals of a drugged up man,
It would appear he couldn’t be higher.
Loosely bound behind his back,
Jason ponders his predicament.
He pops his shoulder; dislocates thumbs,
When Terry gets lost in his lament.
Jason knew this was his only chance,
Lest he get best again by his captor.
Spring to action; take him fast.
No mistakes can be a factor.
He grabs a board and swings it hard,
In one fell swoop, Terry falls.
Swiftly cuffing the burly man,
Then from the window a crackling calls.
A low hum, rather hypnotic;
Like a sirens call to the sea.
Jason approaches steady and sure,
To determine causality.
His city is being torn asunder,
By beasts so foul, so cruel and stark.
In the center the Horsemen ride,
As voraciously as a shark.
How could this be? How’s this happening?
Could this really be the end?
Jason didn’t believe in Hell,
A view he must now transcend.


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