Angels of Hell: Prologue

Forsaken Knowledge
It was the golden age of knowledge;
It was the era of pyrite lies.
For all the feats and legends of man,
Faith marked their sullen demise.
Many millennia of war and conflict
Waged to determine whom was right.
Civil nations forced to heel and crumble.
The cruelty of man measured in might.
Victors skew facts in historical fiction.
Truths scarred by mere fallacy.
Damnation; control; a lust for power.
Bold intent delivered callously.
If only Babel had never fractured,
Splitting tongues beyond reason or rhyme.
Erasing wards; ancient dialects;
Incantations lost to the sands of time.
Thus was the will of celestial beings
To weaken forces that held them at bay.
Gods, and Demons, and Eldritch Terrors
Pulled their strings, made thralls obey.
Not one religion bore all their answers,
Yet, to search them all they could have found
Enough to warn, to delay, prepare
For the arrival of those Hell bound.
Raised from ruins, the tatters of time,
Drudged from the ages of heresy
An ancient order found too little too late
Texts of the final prophecy:
‘Fear ye all when crimson burns the night,
For the age of man shall meet its end.
Ebony rain falls from cloudless skies
Tears of their approach, the Horsemen.


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