Heavenly Father

Holy Father in heaven,
My parents have done enough,
But if I should think about their struggle and luckless,
It seems I should not grow old again.

They have till the soil,
It seems the earth is annoyed with them,
They have gone into the sea,
It seems the brackish sea has porous their net.

They have hunted in the forest,
It seems Diana has caged all the animals,
They have offered you prayers,
It seems their incense is unaccepted.

Their unsuccessfulness has bent my progress,
And the world is ridiculing us with malice,
If you can do these things to my caretakers,
What is the fate of my future on earth?

O heavenly Father, I am a helpless child now.
Bless the works of their hands to attract success,
Fortify their desire for the sake of my advancement in life,
And let my habitation be filled with joy and happiness.


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