Knight of Gold

I came back home and retired to my couch
Walking on a deviant road
Which seemed exciting but weary like a long voyage
I saw one imp spiteful like an inferno
That suddenly changed into three dragons
Their eyes were frightened and anxious like lion claws

I appeased the land with three white doves
And struck the ground with my staff
Arms of the wind took me to the end of a quiet road
Where I came face-to-face
With four doors made of silvery feathers
Huge and smiling like eyes of moonlight

I entered the first door
The first door gave me wisdom
I entered the second door
The second door gave me knowledge
I entered the third door
The third door gave me understanding
And I become a wizard and stronger like a sprite

I entered the fourth door
A mystical and colossal door opened its gullet like a whale
I saw seven men robed in white apparel
Standing like cherubs beside a mighty pot
I unveiled the golden age pot
And it became the universal where the marauders
Have prepared to enmesh the world with terror

Four hoary men pull down my courage
With fire arrows fired from their tongues
The pot got broken and scattered into dust
I made offerings in the middle of heaven and earth
And the pot recycled into twenty-four
Of the golden age men that administer
The secrets of the world

A troglodyte emerged and set me on a bitter battle
I fought for seven days and phonated a conqueror
The twenty-four golden age men came alive
And divided into four groups
The four pillars that hold the unison of the world

When my eyes aroused from my couch
I found neither the golden pot
Nor any of those companions on my voyage
But inside my pot, I found the remnant
Of the golden fish, I ate before I slept


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