See the golden Leopard with the spots!
The golden cat of the cliffs!
See the Leopard with the bulging cheeks,
The golden Leopard with the wide face, I-Face-
The particoloured one, I-Climb-Into-A-Small-Tree
I rip off the eyebrows!
Clawer am I, dig my nail in deep,
My enemies I leave behind, saying
`This was not one leopard but ten!`
Mr Claws, Scratch-For-Yourself,
Even a strong man is not ashamed to howl when
Leopards of the Tlokwa country,
Wild cat with the wide face,
We eat the wild antelope and the tame cattle.
The great golden spotted one,
Lone outlaw who brings thousands to him by is art,
Whose victim goes off with his scalp over his eyes,
Leopard of many spots,
Dark-spotted Leopard,
Fierce old man Leopard,
Even when his teeth are gone, he kills his prey with
his head!


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