On the Passing of a Queen

Barely a breath of air tonight,
skies clouded over unmoving,
releasing a torrent of tears
to the clap of thunder
as we gather thoughts
and wrestle with emotions.
A rainbow over Windsor
fades into darkening sky.
The sun has set on
the passing of a Queen.

Stateswoman with a depth of wisdom,
she made us feel the worth of our nation
in moral values,
helped us feel grounded in our past.
She strengthened the bond of nations,
symbol of solidity, constancy, seemingly timeless,
a commanding presence
urging us, reminding us
of who we are called to be.

Our Queen, driven by faith
propelled by duty,
though a keystone in the nation’s architecture
an anchor in turbulent times,
heartbeat of the nation,
you leave us disoriented.
The coming winter will be colder, darker
as we remember all those glistening black umbrellas,
the flag over the palace half-mast,
a stillness in the air as flowers are laid
beneath a the full moon staring down in disbelief –
Our Queen
my Queen,
Queen of Diamonds
Queen of Hearts.


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