Song of the poor man

Give me a chair
and let me sit in in your midist
and praise poverty
and want.

The face of poor man
stays all crumpled up
by reason of the hunger and thirst
which are in is stomach.

A poor man knows not
how to eat with a rich man.
When he starts eating fish
he eat is head.

Go and invite him
who has no bread
to come and eat crumbs
and thorns in the platters.

A poor man is nobody
because he has nothing.
Though nobly born
he is granted no favour.

A poor man is a snake–
his brother avoid him.
because of the misery
of poverty-stricken.

But when a poor man is ill,
it leads his people
to show him kindness;
when a rich man is ill,
he must wait for a slave.



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