Taboo in Citadel

(I wrote this poem a few days after Musa Yar’Adua was sworn in as Nigeria’s President)

Firefly gambit and left prank of noble-less in my veins
Sometimes ago it was Abacha who built tents
Of dysphonia and anarchy around the country
A few days ago it was Obasanjo who sunken
The consciousness of the masses in a slightly manner
And make Musa Yar’Adua, the ring bearer and a dualist,
To take care of the ex-masters’ interest

When they weevil out, they came with flat tummies
And hands tied to the back like offenders
Vote for me, I am your Messiah!
I will build 100 schools in one hundred days
I will transform your creeks into an estate of skyscrapers
Your family, maids and gardeners we not suffer polo,
Malaria, yellow fever and unscientific diseases will be no more

But when you voted them into offices, they walk with potbellies
And braggadocio sideways with hands full of dollars and pounds
Their children are in British and German schools
Dubai and France become peninsula of their skyscrapers
While America and India become the shaman of their diseases

Democracy as has been boldly written by their acts –
Is an association of the unmasked looters
In conjunction with coldblooded politico-parasites
That are working collectively with their cronies
And allied scammer in government

Innocent and lesser offenders are languishing in prison
While the big-cat criminals are been protected by law enforcement
Blaming the cataclysm of their economy capsizing
On their predecessors who left government some decades ago

Who says this regime is going to be different from others?
Well, this I know that I will say with no asunder
That they are just a clone of the ex-masters’ manifesto
Working on the legacy of grab and chomp as you can
They we suck and belch until their flat tummies
Become mountainous bellies again


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