The War is Over

Drum of war is still and silent like coma,
Tears mob the land and rent homes apart,
The velocity of their echoes
Travelled far beyond the seas,
Our heroes, the conquerors of many wars,
Returned home and silence like grave.

Masquerades amuse the day
With their best dancing steps,
Gunshots prowling at night to praise the heroes,
Weeping of their wives
And children weakened men to sober.
Their soles feeble, wobbling like a duke,
And the solemn songs of maidens of the night,
Have conveyed the conquerors of many victories
To the pits of no return.

The war is over, peace has returned,
The conquerors have finally slept
Besides the tombs of their fathers,
Peace to the land of the living
And hurray to the departures,
Whose bloods have brought reconciliation
And peace back to our land again.


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