Gabon Poems

On the Passing of a Queen

Barely a breath of air tonight,
skies clouded over unmoving,
releasing a torrent of tears
to the clap of thunder
as we gather thoughts
and wrestle with emotions.
A rainbow

Moldova – land the world forgot

Has there ever been
since Stephen the Great
a time of peace and stability
when forest and soil thrived
and people lived and danced
in their traditional ways.

Rival powers of

Gabon – last place on Earth

It has been called the last place on Earth
this equatorial wonderland,
land of roaring rivers and majestic mountains
beautiful, but so fragile – as a spider’s web.

Here elusive species


Sleep, sleep, little one, close your eyes, sleep,
little one!
The night comes down, the hour has comes,
tomorrow it will be day.
Sleep, sleep, little one! On your closed

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